Prof. Zoran Milutinović MD, PhD

BiografijaZBorn in 1951 (Belgrade, Serbia). Resident of Belgrade. Full time Professor of Otolaryngology at the Belgrade University School of Medicine. PhD in Otolaryngology, subspecialty in phoniatrics, laryngosurgeon.

I have made the first contacts with photography during my secondary schooling. At the time, I was interested in black & white film. Almost 40 years later photography has become my major interest again. Starting somewhat serious after joining the Photo Club Belgrade in 2006 ( I served in a capacity of the President 2008-2010).

I have participated 350 group exhibitions in 45 countries and at all continents, receiving more than 280 awards.

Individual exhibitions:

1. Ars Longa, 179 photographs, Magacine Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, April 1010

2. Grey in Colour, 125 photographs, Photo Club Belgrade, Serbia, March 2011

3. Amazing World, 79 photographs, Peoples Library, Kragujevac, Serbia, May 2011

4.Birds 23, 133 photographs, Home of Culture, Cacak, Serbia, June 2011

5.Fantasy, 64 photographs, Home of Culture, Cacak, Serbia, June 2012

6.People around us, 91 photographs, Photography Days, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, July 2012

7.Layers, 38 photographs, Magacine Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, January 2013

8.Savamala, 70 photographs, Ethnographic Museum, Manak’s House Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, May 2013

9.Landscapes, 89 photographs, Home of Culture, Cacak, Serbia, June 2013

10.Old Begej-Imperial Pond, 181 photographs, Fuji Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, October 2013.

11.Infrared World, 52 photographs, Fuji Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, October 2013.

12.Winter Movements and Colors, 55 photographs, Magacine Gallery, Belgrad, Serbia, April 2014.

13.The White Mud Village, 59 photographs, Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, May 2014.

14.Nature in Nature, 70 photographs, Home of Culture, Banatski Brestovac, Serbia, June 2014.

15.Wildlife of Serbia, 136 photographs, Dwor Dobarz, Poland, April 2015.

16.Two Worlds, 35 photographs, Republic Exhibition, Čačak, Serbia, June 2015.

17.Biebrza and Bialowieza national parks, 100 photographs, Republic exhibition, Čačak, Serbia, June 2015.

18.Something natural, 20 photographs, Gallery of the Belgrade raileay station, Belgrade, Serbia, October 2015.

19.Views, 180 photographs, 6th Summit of the Ex-Yugoslav photographers, Leskovac, Serbia, September 2016.

20.Crossroads, 33 photographs, Cultural Centre UMMUS, Kragujevac, Serbia, March 2017.

21.Savamala stories, 77 photographs, Magacin Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, June 2017.

22.Lines, 33 photographs, Grafički Kolektive Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, October 2017.

23.Spaces, 106 photographs, Children Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia, November 2017.

As a member of the Photo Association of Serbia I was the most successful author for the year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

My distinctions are KMF FSS, MPSA, GPSA and EFIAP/g (the first author to receive MPSA, GPSA and EFIAP/p distinctions in Serbia).

I find various interest in photography, nature, infrared and experimental photography in particular.